Making an Impact

The Campbell Course – Home of the Children Course is home to a new Learning Center which includes a multi-purpose room, classroom, and conference room. The Learning Center triples the size of our previous facility and  allows us to serve as many as 1500 children, 365 days a year. This is more than just a place to take instruction and learn lessons for life. For a diverse array of kids, this is a belonging, welcoming and inclusive space where kids find community.

“The Learning Center will provide the ability to reach more kids, more often, in a safe environment. More kids can learn lessons for life—and have fun while they are doing it.”
Duncan Campbell


2021-22 Program Offerings

NEW – Game Changers After School Program

A new offering in November of 2021, this program provides a safe space for youth to visit after school to study, get help with homework, connect with peers, and learn in a supportive and inclusive environment.

This program is open to youth of all ages and occurs every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm throughout the 2021-22 school year.

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THRIVE Mentor Program

THRIVE has been an impactful mentoring program within First Tee – Greater Portland for over a decade with the primary purpose of developing positive relationships that have a major impact. Through weekly visits and monthly outings in the Portland Metro area, THRIVE encourages academic and social growth that helps our youth become the best version of themselves.

This program is open to youth ages 8-18 who would most benefit from positive mentorship and community. This program meets every Wednesday from 4 – 5:15pm.


All youth are required to complete a Waiver of Liability and Release prior to getting involved.
Please contact us with any questions regarding these offerings!