First Tee Tour


Welcome to the inaugural First Tee Tour “The Race for the Campbell Cup.” In 2021, we celebrate 25 years of golf at The Children’s Course and are excited to launch this competitive, yet fun, Tour Series!

Tournament Format

Players play in a scramble format, in which they will play with a partner. One of the advantages of playing a scramble format is that it encourages communication and community in young people as they are competing against others. If two players form a team they can maintain that team for each event. They would compete in the division of the oldest partner. If a player doesn’t have a partner for a particular event then the tournament director will aid in matching players to compete.

The First Tee Tour operates on a points system similar to the PGA, LPGA, and other major golf tours. The chart below lists the various ways a player can earn points and the quantity awarded for each accomplishment. Like First Tee, the First Tee Tour is more than just golf! At the conclusion of the Tour Championship, the participant with the most points in each division will be presented with the “Campbell Cup”.

How to Earn Points

PLAYers must report all points earned outside of First Tee Tour events in a given month by emailing within the first seven days of the following month (i.e. all points earned in the month of June must be reported by July 7th). IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the sole Responsibility of the PLAYer to report all points earned outside of First Tee Tour events.

First Tee-Greater Portland staff will award all points earned in First Tee Tour events (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and entry into an event).

Only points earned in the previous month can be reported.

Updated points standings will be posted online within five business days of each event.

Points Earning Accomplishments                                                                     Points Earned

  • 1st Place in a First Tee Tour event                                                                              100
  • 2nd Place in a First Tee Tour event                                                                            50
  • 3rd Place in a First Tee Tour event                                                                             25
  • Play in a First Tee Tour event                                                                                      15
  • Play in your FIRST Tour event                                                                                     100
  • Register for a First Tee Summer Golf Class  (Player, Par, Birdie, Eagle/Ace)   25
  • Play 9 holes outside of First Tee (Tour max 25 points)                                          5
  • Play a tournament on another Junior Tour (1 outside tournament/ week)     20
  • Sign-up for Youth on Course card                                                                               25
  • Refer a friend to register for an LSE session                                                            100
  • Successfully complete PLAYer assessment                                                             25
  • Successfully complete Par assessment                                                                    50
  • Successfully complete Birdie assessment                                                               100
  • Successfully complete Eagle assessment                                                                100
  • Successfully complete ACE assessment                                                                  100
  • Achieve A/B Honor Roll on Report Card                                                                   100
  • Two hours of community service                                                                               25
    • (Up to 100 points max; ex: helping coaches clean-up after class, junior coaching, etc.)

2021 First Tee Tour Series

Things to Know

Registration for all Summer events (June-August) opens June 3rd.

Age divisions are based on the participants age as of September 1, 2021.

Age Divisions

Lil’ Linksters Division: 5-7 years old
Futures Division: 8-10 years old
Champions Division: 11-13 years old
Pros Division: 14-18 years old


  • Double-par per hole limit applies to all age divisions
  • Caddies are allowed for Lil’ Linksters only. A Coach/Volunteer walks with every Lil’ Linksters and Futures group to teach and help with scoring, rules, etiquette, and pace of play
  • Lil Linksters play 6 hole tournaments
  • Futures play 9 hole tournaments
  • Champions play 9 hole tournaments
  • Pros play 9 hole tournaments.


2021 Tour Schedule

Event Date Event Location Pros & Champions Lil’ Linksters & Futures
June 26th TCC 5:00 pm 4:00 pm
July 10th TBA
July 24th TBA
Aug 7th TBA
Aug 21st TBA
Aug 28th TCC 3:00pm 2:00 pm


  • Lil’ Linksters at TCC- and Colwood Golf Course only.
  • Alderwood Course when Lil’ Linksters are at Colwood Golf Center.
  • Futures, Champions, Pros divisions at all courses
  • One First Tee coach per 2-3 groups to act as Marshal
  • Participants can play in one age division up, not down
  • Points total for that week still goes toward your assigned age group


Fees per Tournament: $5


If you have any questions please contact:

Justin Ratte:  850-380-8457                               

 Ron Moseley:  503-780-7263