Outreach programs are designed to expose young people to the game of golf and The First Tee Life Skills Experience. While The First Tee DRIVE and National School Program are delivered by third party personnel, TARGET Outreach programs are delivered by the chapter.

TARGET Outreach

Introduces young people to the game of golf in a safe environment that promotes curiosity about the game while integrating essential links between golf and life skills seamlessly. Outreach efforts to young people include activities offered at after-school program or youth serving agencies (Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, etc.). Target outreach also provides education opportunities to parent and board members at promotional events (i.e. Screen on the Green, Cultural Festival, Portland Golf Show etc.).

TARGET is built around six components:

  • Take Aim: creates fun experiences that spark curiosity about golf. Also emphasizes that golf is a target-oriented game that involves striking a ball with a club to get the ball into a hole.
  • Anyone Can Play: highlights diversity in the game of golf.
  • Respect: emphasizes respect for themselves, others, rules of the game and the environment.
  • Golf Is a Game: develops decision-making and golf related skills needed to play the game and learning how to identify and overcome challenges to golf-related targets.
  • Enjoy Yourself: reinforces the premise that having a positive attitude toward learning can make golf and almost any activity fun.
  • Try It: provides closure for the TARGET program by giving participants specific information on how to pursue their interest in the game of golf and continue their participation in The First Tee Life Skills Experience.